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Property Name Description
BOLLYWOOD BAK BAK What’s more interesting than the lives of others especially if it’s the quirky lives of celebrities.

From Aamir Khan’s biggest fantasy to SRK’s little secret we have it all hear on Bollywood Bak Bak.

This vignette is a collection of some open secrets and unheard facts about our beloved celebrities

Here is something for the homemakers who dream of a “Home Sweet Home”… the concept is based on an ideal home where everything is in place. From 10 ways to create more space around the house to fixing a meal for two in 10 minutes this vignette is all you need t be the perfect homemaker of a perfect home. The content will be seasonal and topical and will be pegged around festivals/events around the corner
WHO’S WHO The vignette will basically bring to the limelight Business Heads and Industry Lords who have contributed immensely towards putting the Indian economy onto the global map.

The basic premise of the vignette will be to profile these head honchos and reveal some little-known facts about them.

Travelogue – Around the World in 80 Weeks This is a series of 80 packages all set to take the viewers to the 80 best destinations around the world. The 30-sec package is a postcard-type montage of the destination along with trivial facts about the place which will be of interest to the avid traveler hidden in our viewers.
Calorimeter – Watch What You Eat To all the health freaks, watch this space for keeping a count on your calories. Every week we calculate the total calorie intake from a combination of two food items that you love to munch on. Some call it the fastest guilt trip – 15 sec flat !

Green Horns – Makes the Planet Smile
Small steps can sometimes make a BIG difference… we can say the same about how we treat the environment. In this 20-sec vignette we will educate the viewers about some of these “some steps”. A collection of tips on how we can contribute towards preserving the environment by making small little changes in our everyday life.
OOH Star of the Week – Get to Know Your Favorite Star Better ! Know your stars better with OOH. Every week we feature one well-known celebrity and share a not-so-well-known fact about them. Fans watch out, as some notorious secrets might just get revealed !
Word Block – Crack This Word ! This one’s for the word jockeys ! Every week we add up to your vocabulary/knowledge bank by introducing a new word along with its meaning/trivial fact attached to the word. Don’t miss out on this one.
Dream Toys – Objects of Desire There’s enough for a man’s needs… but never enough for a man’s desires
In this vignette we profile some of the most aspirational objects with over top prices… which one dreams of to live the life of the rich and famous.