OOH Media Creative Department

With OOH TV medium today becoming an important media vehicle to advertise, more and more companies are trying to explore the opportunity of using this medium for advertising. This has also happened due to the fact that people are now spending more time outside home in places like malls, multiplexes, gyms, bookstores, restaurants, office buildings etc. To reach out to this audience, OOH TV advertising is the best and most viable option. While OOH Media provides a platform to reach to such an audience, it also provides a full fledged creative team and studio to create that communication which can be used on OOH screens.

OOH Media’s In-house creative team understands the client’s requirements and creates the ads specifically for OOH screens right from conceptualization stage to creation stage. We at OOH Media not only help advertisers to reach their target audience through screens but also help them in creating the communication for the screens. Even if an advertiser do not have any piece of communication, we can still create an ad based on the details provided. This is a value ad service that we provided to advertisers.

The biggest advantage provided by OOH Media’s In-house creative team is Flexicreation i.e. creating the customized ads according to the kind of audience the client wants to reach and also the kind of locations they want to advertise in. Thus, OOH Media can first Flexicreate the ads and then Flexicast them on OOH Screens.

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