What is flexicasting?

Flexicasting can be defined as ‘the ability / flexibility to telecast brand communication on OOH Media screens as per the advertisers’

Flexicasting is the exclusive media planning tool innovated by Out-of-Home Media to maximize the potential of out-of-home medium. It provides a never before option to select from various aspects of media.

Flexicasting helps the advertiser to make the following choices:

  • Cities
  • Locations
  • Audience
  • Creative
  • Language

Advantages of Flexicasting for Advertisers

  • Micro-clustering of Locations – Advertiser can choose the locations / area he wants to be present in
  • TG- Orientation – Advertiser can choose the cities / areas / locations as per his Target Audience » Customized Creatives for multiple messaging – Advertiser can run customized ads / creatives relevant to that location
  • Choice of language – The advertiser can run the same creative in different languages as per his priority target markets
  • Proximity / Vicinity Marketing – Client can advertise his brand / service in the ambient area of his location for a multiplier effect to influence people around his area
  • Support to Brand Activations – Narrowcasting communication in support to local events, brand activation, mall crawls, floats going from town to town
  • Choice of cities – The advertiser can choose from 22 cities as per his target / priority markets.
  • And finally
    • Adds frequency to a TV campaign
    • Adds audio visual to a Print campaign
    • Adds visual to a Radio campaign
    • Adds dynamism to an Outdoor campaign