Those LCD screens near the elevator are doing their job

Arcopol Chaudhuri

Saturday, October 11, 2008 04:01 IST


Nielsen-OOH Media sees high recall from young, up-market consumers of ads on digital signage

MUMBAI: Most employees wait for at least 2 minutes whenever they take the office lift. They also move in and out of their office at least 4 times a day.

According to OOH Metrics, a study by OOH Media and The Nielsen Company, this wait time has emerged as a window of opportunity for marketers.

OOH Media operates in the digital signage business and owns digital screens in commercial properties (BPO/ITES, SME), shopping locations (lifestyle stores, malls, supermarkets, multiplexes) and gyms, restaurants and bookstores, amongst other places. The screens are installed on the philosophy of wait marketing - hence, they are located at strategic spots such as outside elevators, at cash and ticket counters, in airport buses and outside washrooms.

For the last two years, the medium saw growing ad spends, but till now, there were no established metrics for measuring this medium, which is now a significant part of the out-of-home advertising business.

Raghu Venkatraman, VP-media strategy, OOH Media said, “The efficacy of this medium is continuously tested and proven via the campaign evaluation studies, but getting data on the quality and quantity of audiences reached by us was a long-felt need. Metrics will only help this medium grow.”

The findings signal good news for advertisers who wish to target the young, upmarket socio-economic class. The average presence of SEC A audiences in all the six cities surveyed — Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Pune, Chennai and Hyderabad — is above 60%.

On an average, the per day opportunity to interact with OOH Media screens is 7-8 minutes, depending on the vertical space across each city. Out of the 14,574 people surveyed across 175 locations, 90% of the audiences recalled an ad being played on the OOH screen.

Palal Bhattacharjee, associate director, media and entertainment team, The Nielsen Company said, “Digital OOH is now an emerging medium. It targets audiences who have the time and more importantly the inclination to engage with digital advertising content.”

The size of digital out-of-home market is about Rs 1,300-1,600 crore, in which players like Digital Signage Networks, Live Media and Laqshya Media are also present.

Ishan Raina, chief executive, OOH Media, said that advertisers who have sampled the medium once are showing more faith in it. “Telecom (hardware & software) is the top spending category, followed by finance, media and entertainment, consumer durables and automobiles. We’re have signed annual deals with about 12 advertisers,” he said.