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Research as a Tool

OOH TV medium combines the strengths of audio-visual communication with the visibility of outdoor. This provides a win-win proposition for marketers in an intimate and non-remote setting. We deliver audiences in different frames of mind which enhances the communication impact and also audience recall. At OOH Media we help our clients to measure this effectiveness through extensive research in all the locations where their ads are running which helps us to understand communication impact and audience recall.. We have commissioned Nielsen, the world leader for research in this medium.

The research is targeted as a tool to understand.

  • Screen recall
  • Advertising recall
  • Elements of advertising recall

Key Points of Research

    • Screen Visibility
      According to the researches there is 87% average visibility for screens across our locations
    • Advertising recall on OOH MEDIA
      On an average 81% of the respondents are able to recall any advertising that they see on our screens.
  • Client Specific Advertisement Recall
    According to the researches there is 67% average recall for the client specific advertisements

Research Conducted so far

  • OOH Metrics
  • Residential Research
  • BPO Research
  • CSD Research
  • More than 80 Campaign evaluation studies in 3 years


The Nielsen Company is the world’s leading provider of marketing information, audience measurement, and business media products and services. By delivering an unmatched combination of insights, market intelligence, advanced analytical tools, and integrated marketing solutions, Nielsen provides clients with the most complete view of their consumers and their markets. Headquartered in New York, Nielsen operates in more than 100 countries with a global team dedicated to helping clients compete more effectively and discover opportunity with more clarity than ever before.