OOH Media and Nielsen Company conducts a residential research

Feb 10, 2009



India’s leading digital out-of-home company, OOH Media unveiled the key research findings of a study undertaken by The Nielsen Company. The research is conducted across locations in Mumbai and Gurgaon. The research is an extension of OOH Metrics; first ever research on digital Out of Home Media in India released last year.

The research was undertaken to measure the Out of home lifestyle of the audience, audience profile and Audience Behavior. The residential research covers a sample size of over 1,700 in 30 locations where OOH screens are present. The study came out with insightful findings of the research, i.e. frequency of visits. The highest average frequency for visiting a location is for gyms – five times a week. 48 per cent of the residents in Mumbai across areas visit restaurants once a week. 36 per cent occupants visit malls once in 15 days. The time spent and average time spent is highest for multiplexes – more than three hours. More than 45 per cent spend 1-2 hours in malls and restaurants. On an average, people spend more than an hour in bookstores, gyms and beauty parlors.

The findings of the research captures the major shift in lifestyle that is taking place in urban India with people increasingly spending more time outside their homes, in places like malls, multiplexes, gyms, restaurants etc. For advertisers this creates new challenges, since traditional media may be falling short in reaching out this target group.

According to Niloufer Dundh, Chief Sales Officer, OOH Media, “The residential research will help the media planners and advertisers understand the out of home lifestyle of their target audience. The need of the hour is out of home TV has to be an integral part of the media plan of any advertiser to get the desired results.”

With changes in the social trends, consumer lifestyle and media fragmentation, OOH TV has emerged as the medium of the future. This medium communicates in a non-intrusive manner to the Indian consumers in out-of-home locations where they have started spending a considerable chunk of their personal / work time. In a nutshell, this medium reaches out at various touch points in the 24-hour media cycle or in a day in the life of the consumer. And while the OOH TV Media industry has grown considerably within a span of 2 years in terms of business, there was a conspicuous lacuna to measure reach of the medium as well as profile of the audience.

Launched in May 2007, OOH Media in India’s largest digital OOH TV company with over 5000 screens in variegated locations including corporate parks, malls, multiplexes, residential complexes , gyms, salons, bookstores, restaurants across 23 cities in India. OOH Media functions on the philosophy of ‘wait marketing’ wherein the LCD screens are placed at strategic locations like lift lobbies, common areas, escalators, cash counters, restaurants, gyms etc.