OOH Media salutes Indian Women

Company Brief
New Delhi, March 04, 2009


OOH Media is celebrating the Women’s Day on all its screens through specially designed vignettes on ‘Saluting today’s women’, ‘Woman Vocab’, and ‘Celeb Speak on Women’s Day’. In the ‘Celeb Speak’ vignette Kareena Kapoor, Poonam Dhillon and Alka Yagnik share their views on Women’s Day and also
‘Why is it special being a Women?’
In a special vignette OOH Media salutes Indian Women for the different roles that she play’s in everyday life. Role of homemaker, a professional, a style icon are a few of them.

‘Woman Vocab’ are 5 special vignettes which talk about the special phrases used by Women in everyday life as a wife, a boss or mother and what does she actually mean by that phrase.

Says Ashutosh Parekh, National Content Head, OOH Media, “Women have always played and will continue play a special position in the society. OOH Media is trying to pay tribute for their contribution through the different vignettes specially created for Women’s Day. We salute the Indian Women and wish them a very Happy Women’s Day.”

The campaign is currently on air on all OOH Media screens across all clusters across the nation.