“Growth of digital OOH TV!”

14-April, 2009


Today OOH industry commands 10-15% of the total advertising share. Digital OOH TV has 10% of this share. The biggest challenge is to grow the size of the market which is still at a very nascent stage.

A n advertising veteran with over 20 years experience, Ishan Raina is currently CEO and MD of Out-of-Home Media (India) Pvt. Ltd. Founded by Raina in 2006, Today 2.5 years and 5000 screens later, OOH Media is one of the largest out of home digital media companies in India.

An MBA from Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta, Raina has lent his management expertise to several advertising agencies, including Lowe and Contract Advertising.

In 1995, at age 37, he became the Founder-CEO & Joint-venture Partner of Euro RSCG Advertising Worldwide. In 1996, Business India selected him as one of the top 50 influential Indians under 40. From 1998 to 2006, he served as Chairman and CEO of the Euro RSCG Group in India. He has also been a board member of Euro RSCG Asia Pacific and a member of the Executive Committee of Euro RSCG Worldwide.

In conversation with allaboutoutdoor.com, Raina shares his vision for OOH Media and throws some light on the out-of-home industry in India.


1.  OOH Media has completed more than two years in India. How has the journey been for you?

Out of home medium itself in India is two years old and still in its nascent phase. But the medium has grown a lot as compared to what it was 2 years back. Today people understand this medium and the future prospect of this medium. The change in the lifestyle trends of the consumers and media fragmentation has led to the growth of this industry. Time spent for consuming traditional mediums is also getting shorter. OOH medium being the reminder mediums adds dynamism to their existing media plan. OOH Medium adds great value as it follows the consumer wherever he is – a medium present in a day of the life of a consumer. Today, OOH Media has over 5000 screens present in more than 22 cities across India which means we still own over 70% of the market. More than 250 advertisers have advertised with us.

2.  Has the growth of digital medium been as per your expectations during this period?

Today OOH industry commands 10-15% of the total advertising share. Digital OOH TV has 10% of this share i.e. 0.5% of the overall advertising budget. The biggest challenge is to grow the size of the market which is still at a very nascent stage. We need to grow this to 3-5% in the next 2 years.

3.  How has OOH Media grown as a company since inception, in terms of size as well as corporate philosophy?

OOH Media has over 5000 screens present in more than 22 cities across India. Our screens are present in all kinds of customer connect points which include malls, multiplexes, restaurants, bookstores, Lifestyle Stores, CSDs, office complexes, BPO/ITES, residential buildings, airport buses, gymnasiums and many more. Our market share is over 70% in the OOH TV space. The OOH T.V industry per se is still less than 0.5 % of the ad industry but I think this will reach 3-5% by 2012.

4.  How is your plan for 30,000 screens in by 2010 coming along?

Our plan is being revised, given the market situation. Our focus is not aggressive but Opportunistic screen expansion, with an aggressive monetization plan of current screens.

5.  OOH Media is very socially active with various CSR initiatives under its belt. We’d love to know more about this.

Our medium is viewed by over 55 million people every month at various public locations. It is a powerful and effective communication medium which can talk local as well as national to the viewers in their language. Plus we are a ‘do-good’ brand. We would like to contribute to the welfare of the community by offering our medium as a CSR platform. We have an on-screen property called as ‘OOH CARES’ – a CSR initiative wherein we dedicate some airtime on screens to social causes / public service messages. These messages would be either created in-house or patronized.

OOH Media has earlier supported various CSR tie-ups like the ‘Quit Tobacco Movement’ by the Salaam Bombay Foundation, the fund-raising art exhibit by CPAA, partnered with Akanksha, Unicef and many more. Besides supporting such causes, OOH Media has established the OOBY Awards, designed specially for promoting public service messages in a creative fashion.

6.  Please throw light on the research project OOH Media and Nielsen Media Research recently conducted to understand screen recall and advertising recall in the out-of-home environment.

OOH Media and The Nielsen Company has conducted OOH Metrics, the first ever large research on Digital Out-of-Home TV Media in India. This is the study conducted in the OOH TV domain in India spanning 6 key markets of Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Pune and Hyderabad with a sample size of 14574 in 175 locations. The research was conducted to understand - Audience profiling of consumers visiting the location, Insights from consumer behavior of Audience in different networks of Work, Shop and Play, Insights / understanding audience response towards OOH screen to gauge screen/ad recall.

Some of the key highlights of the research that came about are:

1)  Average Weekly Reach of OOH Network in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and Pune is 54.6 Lakhs.
2)  90% of the audience across Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Pune, Chennai & Hyderabad recalled the       OOH screen.
3)  90% of the audience surveyed recalled any Ad being played on the OOH screen.
4)  Average presence of SEC A Audiences in all the six locations is above 60%.
5)  On an average an employee moves in & out of the OOH work locations at least 4 times a day. Therefore, on an average per day opportunity to interact with OOH Media screens is 7 to 8 minutes depending on the vertical space across each city.

7.  Please share details about OOH Media’s special tools like Flexicasting.

While the world is moving from broadcasting to Narrowcasting, we at OOH Media believe in Flexicasting. Flexicasting is the new media planning tool innovated by Out-of-Home Media. It provides an opportunity to advertiser to slice & dice communication across various touch points. Flexicasting provides an advantage of getting as local as possible just like an outdoor but with the power and capability of Audio-Visual. This media planning tool helps advertisers to communicate differently to the different target audience depending on their product offering thus being very relevant for them.

Flexicasting provides the ability / flexibility to advertisers to telecast brand communication on OOH Media screens as per their Choice of city, Choice of location, Choice of target audience, Choice of creative, Choice of language.

8.  Do you have any special partnership plans for the upcoming 2010 Common Wealth Games considering your past association with events like Corporate Olympics etc.?

Not yet, but we would very much like to.

9.  We heard that OOH Media has plans to go public in the next two or three years. Please share some details.

Will depend on the market scenario at that time. This is a call that the investors and not the management will take.

10.  Apart from this, what does the future hold for OOH Media?

The medium of OOH TV per se is not industry specific, but objective-specific i.e. various advertisers from any category are using the medium differently to meet their communication objectives. With the various Audience Packages and the OOH Metrics which we are offering, advertisers can get a tailor-made media plan based on their requirements and budgets. Like we keep saying, we have had a foot start but have a long way to go. The down turn we hope will be a blessing for us as all clients and media agencies will have to move out of their comfort zone and look at all focused and cost effective options for reaching the consumers. Today, we have over 250 clients from across categories from Automobiles, Finance, Telecom, Retail (Luxury, Apparels etc), Media, FMCG, Consumer Durables, Travel & Tourism, Education etc. using us for various reasons /campaigns. In brief, since the industry is still emerging and not yet mainstream media, there is immense scope for new clients, categories and growth.