OOH Media celebrates cricket season with four vignettes

April 27, 2009
Indiantelevision.com Team

MUMBAI: OOH Media is celebrating the IPL season of cricket on its screens through vignettes.

In the first phase OOH Media has launched four vignettes called Googley Gayanchand, OOH celebrates the Spirit of Cricket, Celeb Speak and Wish KarOOH. In the second phase, OOH Media will launch two more vignettes on cricket on its screens.

A character called ‘Googley Gyan Chand’ has been created. He is a people-friendly “Mr. Know it All” who keeps throwing googlies with his gyan on the game in the form of trivia nuggets, quizzes and witty one liners. The campaign is currently on air on all OOH Media screens across all clusters in India.

Ooh Celebrates the Spirit of Cricket talks about the sense of being united in the name of the game. Players from different teams and different nations come under one flag and one aim is to play the game in its true spirit keeping aside the inhibitions like who they are and where they are from.

In Celeb Speak, 27 celebrities from various walks of life like Bollywood, corporate and advertising have come on OOH media screens to cheer for their favourite team this season. The names include Lalit Modi, Shilpa Shetty, Rahul Bajaj, Vikram Sakhuja, Satbir Singh, Sam Balsara, Rohit Roy and Neetu Chandra.

The vignette is all about wishing the teams best of luck on behalf of the city the team represents.

OOH Media national content head Ashutosh Parekh says, “Love it or hate it, u can’t ignore cricket. In India it is religion for us and OOH Media’s constant endeavor is to maintain topicality at the multiple touch points that we have created for our audience in their daily life.

"A dash of humour with “Googley Gyan Chand” which is first if its kind animated character created by OOH Media in–house creative team, will champion infotainment on our screens with all the cricket gyan and googlies that he can throw at you and of course celebs from the corporate and glamour world cheering for their favourite teams”.