IPL: OOH Media launches Googly Gyaanchand character

April 28, 2009
Televisionpoint.com Correspondent | Mumbai

Television has seen its share of characters with Channel V's 'Bai', 'Simpoo' and 9XM's 'Bade and Chote' who make people crack up. Radio has characters such as Radio Mirchi's 'Sud', Red FM's 'Kamala ka Hamla' and Big FM's 'Son Sunny'.

Now, it's time for OOH digital media to let loose its quirky character. OOH Media has tailored a special, first-of-its-kind character for its out of home digital screens, which revolves around cricket and is called Googly Gyaanchand.

Googly Gyaanchand is a friendly 'Mr. Know it All', who keeps throwing googlies with his 'gyan' (knowledge) on the game in the form of trivia nuggets, quizzes and witty one-liners. The campaign is currently on-air on all OOH Media screens and all clusters across the country.

Ashutosh Parekh, national content head, OOH Media, says, "A dash of humour with Googley Gyaanchand will champion infotainment on our screens with all the cricket gyan and googlies that he can throw at you and of course celebs from the corporate and glamour world cheering for their favourite teams."

Googly Gyaanchand, as a character, was well thought out to go beyond just showcasing the best shots of a cricket match and establish a fresh connect, as cricket has transcended the barrier of being just a sport to being a full-fledged entertainment platform.

The company feels that Googly Gyaanchand's appeal crosses boundaries. It's a pan-India property, showcased across all of OOH Media's 4,500 screens, reaching out to about 50 million people monthly. Every week, new and interesting snippets will be on display at the screens through the cricket season.

A special vignette 'OOH celebrates the spirit of cricket' talks about the sense of being united in the name of the game. Players from different teams and different nations come under the one flag and one aim is to play the game in its true spirit keeping aside the inhibitions like who they are and where they are from.

In 'Celeb speak', 27 celebrities from various walks of life like bollywood, corporate and advertising have come on OOH Media screens to cheer for their favorite team this season. In the final vignette 'Wish karOOH', OOH screen goes local customizing it according to the particular city