OOH Media embarks on a nationwide campaign with ‘green’ message

Saturday, 06 June 2009 14:50 (IST)



MUMBAI: In a praiseworthy step to underline its commitment to society, OOH Media has embarked on a campaign to educate its viewers on how everyone can contribute for the well-being of the environment. The campaign, under the property of ‘OOH Cares’, is currently on air on all OOH Media screens in all clusters across the nation.

Launched to coincide with the World Environment Day on June 5, OOH Media screens are currently airing specially designed vignettes ‘OOH says No To’ and ‘Green Wheels’.

‘OOH says No To’ talks about how small steps taken by each one of us can help save the environment. One message says: Say no to paper bills and unnecessary print outs, so subscribe to online bills. Another says: Save Paper Save Trees. The vignettes are of 20 seconds duration each.

In another specially designed vignette, ‘Green Wheels’, the message is about various tips for vehicle maintenance. The idea is to reduce the emission of pollution as well as to derive better performance from the vehicle.

Speaking on the campaign, Ashutosh Parekh, national content head, OOH Media, said: “Global Warming and deteriorating environment are issues which need urgent attention. We wait for the authorities to take steps and do not realize that every citizen can help save the environment. All it takes are small changes in our daily lifestyle. OOH Media urges all its viewers to think on how he can make a difference in the current scenario.”