Do it the outdoor way!
Audience Matter-June 24, 2010


Outdoor Advertising is the most effective way to reach the target market.

Over the past decades there have been considerable changes in Outdoor Advertising. It has progressed into a media which is as strong as all other forms of advertising.

Outdoor advertising varies from marketing displays, billboards and posters, all geared toward conveying a message and creating an impact on the public. For companies that cannot afford massive television advertising, outdoor advertising remains a popular form of advertising media. Marketers feel that outdoor advertising should be given due credit for the numerous benefits it provides to companies worldwide.

Companies like IBM, AT&T and McDonald’s spend thousands and thousands of dollars every year on outdoor advertising. This interest has continued to grow steadily for years. There are many companies for outdoor advertising like Bright Outdoor Advertising, OOH Media, Oriental Advertising and many more.

OOH Media India Pvt Ltd CEO & MD Ishan Raina says, “The Indian OOH Industry is still unorganized and quite fragmented, and though there is no official calculation, it is guesstimated to be around Rs 2,000 crore, static and digital inclusive. It is expected to grow up to Rs 5,000 crore in the coming few years, expected to be led by digital OOH media especially.”

He adds, “Today OOH industry commands 10 to 15 per cent of the total advertising share. Digital OOH TV has 10 percent of this share i.e. 1 percent of the overall advertising budget. The biggest challenge is to increase the size of the market which is still in a growing phase. This medium is expected to grow to 3 to 5 percent in the next 2 years. About 70 per cent of this will belong to 2 to 3 national players. We hope to continue being the leaders of digital OOH TV industry.”

OOH has revolutionised the way outdoor communications is being looked at by marketers. Raina explains, “A normal person spends most of the time in a day out of home at places like public transport, in a car, office, restaurants, coffee shops, malls, multiplexes etc. Today, it has transcended the traditional outdoor media options, extending to communicate with customers at various touch points, in ways like never before.”

Raina states, “Outdoor advertising is an excellent adjunct to other types of advertising. In fact, it is most effective when coupled with other media. It is a true convergence media which adds frequency to the print plan, adds prime time to TV plan, adds visual to radio plan, and adds dynamism to outdoor plan.”

Raina believes there are no problems in OOH Media, they are just challenges. He says, “The challenge in traditional outdoor already has acceptability but has legislation and pricing pressures. Digital OOH media has to focus only on increasing its presence in the media plan which is being overcome by clients as they convey the importance of the medium to agencies to include in the media plan.”

About the future of this medium, Raina explains, “OOH space seems to be a lot more inviting and open to innovations. In general, there’s speculation that the OOH space is expected to see a tremendous growth in the future, given the expected infrastructural growth, increased amount of time spent outside home, and the general economy boom in the coming years. The outlook of the clients, the specialist agencies and also the media owners will undergo a change. The medium will definitely become an important part of the media plan. However, many more clients and categories will have to be added to the basket of OOH advertising.”

Bright Outdoor Advertising Chairman Yogesh Lakhani states, “Outdoor media is not new. Billboards on top of buildings and poster campaigns have been used for decades. Outdoor advertising has been seen as an inexpensive method of getting a message across. Outdoor advertising is far more effective than an indoor campaign, especially in areas of high footfall as the potential audience is almost limitless compared to indoor advertising.”

He adds, “Since the turn of the millennium, outdoor digital signage has sprung up nearly everywhere. From TV screens in shopping malls, providing information and way finding, to multimedia advertisements displayed on TV screens outside retail units, digital menu boards outside restaurants and even signage systems on top of taxis are being implemented. And digital outdoor signage is set to expand over the coming decade with new developments, applications and technologies are set to expand the use of outdoor advertising and digital outdoor signage even more.”

Lakhani believes, “There are many advantages of Outdoor Advertising. In Mumbai, people spend hours driving every day; over 100 hours each year commuting to work plus time spent driving. This helps to keep your company and brand in people’s area of vision when they are ready to make a decision.”

Lakhani signs off with, “Out door media is becoming more optional day by day. Providing different types of innovation media is a growing trend in the industry, with new digital billboards and technologies, Outdoor Advertising is only getting better day by day.