OOH Media: Advantage Insured
Network2media.com-July 21, 2010


OOH Media flexicasted an insurance product in three different languages - Hindi, Bengali & Tamil - using a TVC of the product. An evaluation of the initiative proved that 87% of the respondents recalled seeing OOH Media screens and a high 67% of them recalled (unaided) seeing the insurance ad on the screens. The big impact of financial services advertising on OOH Media screens was thus reaffirmed.

Financial Service - Insurance

Use of Flexicasting to target the audience

Campaign background

  • A Life Insurance company had advertised on OOH Media screens
  • The creative executions used on OOH media were the same as the Television.
  • The target audiences were of 3 different language.

OOH Media’s role in the campaign

  • Flexicasting - the exclusive media planning tool of OOH Media was used to take the brand to the right target audience by promoting the brand in different languages in different cities
  • Flexicasting aids choice- edited the campaign to 3 different target cities:
    - Kolkata : Bengali
  • - Chennai : Tamil
  • - Others : Hindi
  • OOH Media also did campaign evaluation study for the brand to understand its effectiveness.

Unaided Brand Recall ( TOM + SPONT)

Highest Unaided Recall of Insurance company at an overall level

Total Awareness

Research Insights

  • Screen recall: 87% of the respondents recall seeing the OOH Media screens
  • Audience Profile: 85% of the respondents were SEC A
  • Ad recall of: 67% of the respondents recalled it at an unaided level

Recall from other media: 60% of the respondents in Bangalore were exposed to the ad for the first time on OOH MEDIA.


  • OOH Media reaches to a high proportion of SEC A and can help the Financial Sector to promote their products & services
  • High screen visibility and the multiplier effect through higher exposures increases brand recall through our medium
  • The affluent audience of OOH Media gets informed of the various offerings in Finance category through use of Content Integration
  • OOH Media acts as a frequency builder but we also act as a reach builder in Tech parks and very premium commercial buildings, DLF city and Kingfisher Buses.