Out-of-Home Media (India) Pvt. Ltd. has introduced a new media planning tool that offers advertisers on the OOH TV medium flexibility of choice of cities, locations, TG and frequency. The OOH agency has even coined a new name for this service - 'Flexicasting'


Flexicasting gives the advertiser ample choice of displaying his ad as per his target cities, target area in that city, target audience in that area, his choice of creative, etc. Ooh Media has claimed that no other medium or player offered this kind of choice.


Ishan Raina, CEO, OOH Media explained, "Flexicasting can be used to optimise advertisers' money and avoid spillage. OOH Media has the strongest network and largest choice of locations, TG and an in-house creative service that makes flexicasting possible."


He further said, "We have over 4,800 screens in over 750 locations in 22 cities with a viewership of 50 million monthly across India targeting youth, corporates, housewives / women, families, kids, etc. So, keeping in mind the depth and breadth of our network, OOH TV as a medium and OOH Media as the brand is the only player currently in OOH TV media domain which offers huge choice to the advertiser. This helps the advertiser communicate effectively in desired locations, his desired communication for the desired number of weeks and within his budget"


Raina added, "OOH TV adds frequency to TV, adds a visual communication to radio, and animates static outdoor ads, wherein the same creative communication can be digitised and run in an AV format on our screens. Plus, with flexicasting as the soon-to-be buzzword OOH TV as a medium is set to be a phenomenon. Though the market is still at a nascent sage, it is growing steadily"


Regarding media planning for advertisers, Raina said, "Keeping In mind the OOH brief, our teams create the optimum media plans for our clients / advertisers within the given budgets. We do event tie-ups for brand enchancement, promoting the event and consumer information. To enhance the brand imagery, we associate with some prestigious and thematic events ranging from cultural (fun), technical (intelligent), film (content related) etc., as media partners to add frequency to their media plan and gamer brand value. For example, the Mumbai Festival, IIT Techfest, Mumbai International Boat Show, Adiyta Birla TOI Corporate Olympics, IIT Litterati, and the UGC Film Festival, among others."