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OOH Media offers Flexicast to advertisers

Surina Sayal | afaqs! | Mumbai, May 27, 2008



Advertisers in out of home (OOH) media have to deal with increasing media options and mind boggling numbers of outdoor screens. OOH Media comes to the rescue with Flexicast, a trademark media planning tool.

The company defines flexicasting as “the ability or flexibility to telecast brand communication on Out Of Home Media’s LCD and plasma screens as per the advertisers’ choice of city, location, target audience, frequency of exposures, creative and language”.

The advantages of using Flexicast are that it maximises exposure and media value to the advertiser’s target group, minimises media spillage, adds frequency to a TV campaign, adds audiovisual to a print campaign and the visual element to a radio campaign, and adds dynamism to an outdoor campaign.

Explaining the insight and strategy behind the tool, Ishan Raina, chief executive officer, OOH Media, says, “New media is always met with some kind of resistance initially due to its perceived image. Be it the Internet, mobile advertising, OOH TV or digital media, new media is looked upon as ‘enigmatic’ media. Some media planners feel that it requires experts to plan for a new medium, which is true for technology based media like the mobile or the Internet. But OOH TV is a relatively easier media to plan for.”

Raina adds that Flexicast will facilitate media planning of OOH TV and make it easier for advertisers and media planners to adapt it to their media needs and budgets. It gives ample choice in selection of locations to aim advertisements at the target group. Ultimately, it will ensure that the advertiser gets his money’s worth. “In a nutshell, it will make OOH TV media planning simple and maximise advertisers’ returns on investment.”
Ishan Raina

How does Flexicasting work? OOH Media has a network of more than 4,600 screens across 23 cities in 900 locations, from which the advertiser can slice and dice his communication according to his choice. The parameters of location profile, exposures and footfalls further help in reaching a decision. OOH Media helps clients plan the media activity as per their brief. It soon plans to add the dimension of location wise consumer profiling to the tool. Flexicast is being offered to all clients, and there is no additional cost attached to advertising on OOH Media using this tool.

With Flexicast, advertisers can also practise proximity or vicinity marketing, where a client can advertise his brand or service in the area of his location for a multiplier effect, to influence people around that area. It can also act as a support to brand activation by narrowing communication in support of local events, brand activation, mall crawls and floats.

“The need for a tool like Flexicast was felt due to heavy media fragmentation, less time spent on traditional media, and more opportunities and time spent out of home,” says Raina.

OOH Media was founded in November 2006, and has since grown considerably with more than 100 advertisers today. Its clients include CNN-IBN and 9X in media, Cadbury and Unilever in FMCG, Levi’s and Reebok in apparel, Standard Chartered and HSBC in finance, and Nokia, Airtel and Reliance in telecom. It also works with clients from categories such as auto, real estate, travel and tourism, and consumer durables.

OOH Media operates in three different zones, OOH Work, OOH Shop and OOH Play. OOH Work consists of screens in locations such as corporate parks, commercial buildings, IT parks, BPOs, KPOs, airport coaches and health care centres to successfully capture high profile audiences with large amounts of disposable income. OOH Shop comprises malls, lifestyle stores, hyper and super markets and CSDs, thus swinging customers’ purchase decisions in favour of the product being advertised. OOH Play takes products straight into entertainment areas such as multiplexes, beauty salons, clubs, pubs, cafes, fast food joints, restaurants and even book shops, to the youth and young families, who are highly receptive to advertisements while they relax. It has a reach of more than 60 million people monthly.

OOH Media’s competitors in this domain include Digital Signage Networks, Live Media, Tag Media, vJive Networks and Laqshya Digital.