OOH MEDIA announces the OOBY Awards Winners 

Jun 06, 2008
Shveta Rajput, New Delhi 



The OOBY Awards are out! They thought out-of-the box and created some path-breaking ads to express the cause close to their heart. Winners in the first, second and the third category are Amber Prakash(and team) of Mudra Communications, Kaustubh Arjunwadkar (and team) from The Works and Sachin Pawar (of idream) respectively.

An initiative of OOH Media, The OOBY’s or ‘Out-Of-the-Box’ Awards was conceptualized to celebrate creative excellence in OOH TV media. The contest was to create an AV format ad – flash, animation, digitization of a print ad or the usual shoot ad on a social cause. AIDS, global warming, anti-tobacco,women literacy, patriotic messages etc. saw their way into the contest of which the 3 winner entries looked like this:

PINK OOBY WINNER (1st prize), titled 'ERASER':

The word ‘AIDS’ written in pencil,is gradually being erased. In the end the hand rests the ‘rubber’ which is used to erase AIDS which is actually a Condom. Very simple yet powerful expression of communicating that prevention is the only cure for AIDS.


A kids’ hand counts the wishes of 5 average Indian kids, of which the first four have huge aspirations, while the fifth one only wishes to live. This is because every fifth kid in India would be HIV+ in a few years from now.


Women illiteracy and the related facts are depicted in little lines which come together and formulate a thumbprint in the end. The harmonica gives a nice sound effect to complete the message.

With the emergence of digital OOH media doing larger rounds in the media circle, OOH TV as a category is fast gaining ground. Ideas which were limited to static can be brought alive through OOH TV.

Ishan Raina, CEO, OOH TV and a doyen of the advertising industry opines that OOH TV deserves attention from the creative fraternity, besides the media world. “Our medium is viewed by 50 million people every month at various public locations like malls, multiplexes, corporate parks, restaurants etc. therefore, we wanted to dedicate some of our airtime to focus public issues and render quality communication to them.”

Raina added “Being a media house,we would like to create real impact pertaining the social cause in an effective manner and not just an idea doing rounds in some screen which has ample FCT.”

For the message to be effective,the creative had to be appealing and communicated to all relevant target groups,be it in an urban area or small town –. Plus OOH TV is a different medium altogether which needs to be looked at differently by the creative and advertising world.

The entries were judged basis the simplicity and effectiveness of the entry which would be effective on Out of Home TV as a medium. It had to be creative, crisp and powerful irrespective of audio disturbances. People cannot switch channels on these screens so the films on the screens had to be interesting and effective.