OOH Media launches new Audience Profile package

Jun 27, 2008
Shveta Rajput, New Delhi



Out of Home Media has launched a new media planning package OOHAP (OOH Audience Profile) to make it simpler for the advertiser / media planner to choose his locations where he wants to advertise on OOH Media screens.

OOH Media has a network of over 5000 screens in 23 cities. Their screens are present in over 900 locations such as Malls, Multiplexes, Lifestyle-store, In-store, Commercial buildings, Bookstores, Gyms, Residential colonies, Cafes etc.

Each of these locations has a specific type of TG visiting them. This phenomenon can also be termed as the ‘Out-of-Home Habits’ of the TG e.g. Youth visit multiplexes, cafes, gyms etc. Women visit Malls, hypermarts, bookstores etc.

Based on these OOH habits, OOH Media has chosen all locations from their network which are relevant to the TG and created special packages for different Advertiser Categories.

E.g. All the multiplexes, cafes, gyms etc where OOH Media is present, has been clustered into the ‘OOH Youth’ package. All important details like cities, number of screens in each location, total exposures, footfalls etc. which are relevant to the advertiser, are pre-defined in this package.

Now, Advertisers who’s TG is also Youth is offered the OOH Youth Package which has this crisp summation of the details from which he can now pick locations of his choice (or use Flexicast with OOH YOUTH Package). He need not advertise in all OOH Youth Locations. He can maximize his advertising monies’ worth by advertising only where required.

Today most of our advertisers are using Flexicast which they find to be user-friendly and VFM. OOHAP is an evolution of Flexicast.

The Audience profiling has been done based on the location-based research we have by Nielsen for the Adtracks, over a period of time.

Niloufer Dundh, Chief Sales Officer, Out of Home Media (India) Pvt Ltd said, “The package is a result of the way clients have bought this medium in the last one year. All clients brief their agencies based on a specific TG they want to reach. Thus we have based our Packages on TG rather than locations”

Some of the other OOHAP packages include:

      OOH Me & Mum: This is an innovative package as it defines the mother-kid duo spending quality time out-of-home such as in Bookstores, at Malls, Multiplexes etc.

        OOH Influencer: This targets the hi-flying corporate who is on the top-rung of this corporate ladder and on the helm of decision-making. The locations defined for this TG are hi-end restaurants, multiplexes like the Inox in South Mumbai, Golf Clubs etc.

        Other OOHAP packages are:

       » OOH HSM (Hindi Speaking Markets)
       » OOH HFA (High Footfalls Area)
       » OOH Movie-goers
       » OOH Women

Dundh added, “this is a revolutionary initiative which will make media buying and planning for OOH TV not just client-friendly (simple to understand and maximum value for advertising monies) but will also be integral as and when the industry grows. Today we are at 5000 screens already, tomorrow it could double. This tool will bring in a logical method to the way the OOH TV is planned for.”