OOH Media goes CSR way with OOH Cares initiative

Wednesday - Jul 30, 2008
Televisionpoint.com Correspondent | Mumbai



OOH Media has announced the launch of new on-screen property, OOH Cares, which is a corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative, wherein the agency would dedicate some airtime on screens to social causes or public service messages.

OOH Media has earlier supported various CSR tie-ups like the 'Quit Tobacco Movement' by the Salaam Bombay Foundation, the fund-raising art exhibit by CPAA, the MAM Movies Film Making contest on 101 NGOs, wherein the agency has instituted the Flash59 Contest and various similar activities. Besides supporting such causes, OOH Media has established the OOBY Awards, designed specially for promoting public service messages in a creative fashion. In the wake of the recent terrorist attacks in some cities, the 'Keep your city safe, Keep India safe' message campaign will be launched soon.

Ishan Raina, CEO, OOH Media, said, "Our medium is viewed by over 55 million people every month at various public locations like malls, multiplexes, corporate parks, restaurants, in-store, etc. It is a powerful and effective communication medium, which can talk local as well as national to the viewers in their language. Plus, we are a 'do-good' brand. We would like to contribute to the welfare of the community by offering our medium as a CSR platform."

OOH Media plans to take 'OOH Cares' to a new level, wherein they will talk about 'Going Green – the OOH Way'. The initiative will connect with the Indian consumer at large by being a 'green guide' to them in their everyday lives.

Ashutosh Parekh, National Content Head, OOH Media, said, "Our medium is present at multiple touch points of the 24-hour media cycle of the viewer, beginning from a gym or a workplace in the morning to his residential complex in the evening and a mall / multiplex or a restaurant during the weekend. We will 'flexciast' our content, that is, synchronise our messaging and tips to the location, plus speak to the viewer in local relevance. For example, in a restaurant we will run messages of not wasting food, outside residential complexes, it will be about saving water, while in corporate premises we shall talk about power or fuel efficiency. The Green project plans to evolve the OOBY Awards as well, wherein the contest would be dedicated to select environment related issues."