India's OOH runs campaigns on terrorism, environment

by Ritesh Gupta, Asia correspondent


India's OOH Media is dedicating airtime to social causes and public-service messages under its OOH Cares programme.

OOH Media told that it is already showing messages related to public safety in the wake of recent terrorist attacks and threats in India. The message “Keep your city safe, keep India safe” is being aired in several cities.

The company, which claims 55m viewers monthly for its retail (pictured), leisure and workplace digital out-of-home networks, is also planning an environmental-awareness campaign which will offer viewers a green guide to everyday life.
  Ashutosh Parekh, who recently joined OOH Media as national content head, said: “Our medium is present at multiple touchpoints of the 24-hour media cycle of the viewer. We will flexicast our content – synchronise our messaging and tips to the location. For example, in a restaurant we will run messages of how to not waste food, outside residential complexes it will be about saving water, and in corporate premises we shall talk about power or fuel efficiency.”

The agency has created content in-house and is also tying up with other organisations for the public-service projects.

The agency says it will focus on balancing editorial and commercial content and ensure that it doesn't go overboard with corporate social responsibility (CSR) – it hasn't yet decided how much of its 12-minute loop will be dedicated to such content. And it will consider charging advertisers who are interweaving brand-building with CSR messaging.

In the recent past, Mumbai-based OOH Media has supported several CSR projects, such as the Quit Tobacco Movement by the Salaam Bombay Foundation and a fund-raising art exhibit by the Cancer Patients Aid Association. In those cases, the organisations provided basic artwork to OOH Media, which then digitised them into a form suitable for digital signage.