OOH Media and The Nielsen Company unveil findings of OOH Metrics research

Oct 10, 08
Nitin Sharma




Out-of-Home Media India Pvt Ltd (OOH Media) and The Nielsen Company have come together for OOH Metrics, the first ever large scale research on digital OOH TV media in India. This is the largest and only study conducted in the OOH TV domain in India spanning six key markets of Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Pune and Hyderabad with a sample size of 14,574 in 175 locations.

The study reveals that the average weekly reach of OOH network in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and Pune was 54.6 lakh people; 90 per cent of the audience across Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Pune, Chennai, and Hyderabad recalled the OOH screens; the average presence of SEC-A audience in all the six locations is above 60 per cent; and about 70 per cent of those who came across such screens were in the 20-34 age-group.

Ishan Raina, CEO, OOH Media, said, “The survey, carried out by The Nielsen Company, was aimed at measuring the audience size, ad reach and brand recall from the OOH medium, the lack of which now makes the efficiency of ad expenditure through this advertising medium difficult to gauge. The lack of metrics was hampering the growth of the OOH medium.”

According to Raina, the market for the segment would reach Rs 150 crore by the year-end. However, the findings of the survey cannot be recognised as industry metrics since it was not a combined effort of all the competitive players in the segment.

Partha Rakshit, Managing Director, South Asia, Nielsen Company, said, “I am very happy with the research as the OOH digital media will now help advertisers focus more on the upmarket segment for flexi-casting. Most of all, for a marketer of upmarket products, this is going to be the medium of the future.”

Raina added, “You have to switch paradigms, this is not about television.” He emphasised on the need to redefine prime-time and said, “When compared to 2003, the amount of time that television was viewed went down by about 30 minutes in 2007. Print saw a drop of 10 minutes in the same period. All these factors add up in favour of the OOH industry as the consumer spends most of his time outside and this could be well utilised.” He further referred to OOH as a compliment to television, because it was viewed as a top-up medium to television by advertisers.

Palal Bhattacharjee, Associate Director - Media and Entertainment, The Nielsen Company, remarked, “Digital OOH offers a distinct dynamism that is fresh and evolving. It targets audiences who have the time and, more importantly, the inclination to engage with digital advertising content. This kind of initiative on the consumer’s part brings with it a competitive advantage for this medium, not easily replicable by traditional media.”

Referring to OOH Metrics, Niloufer Dundh, Chief Sales Officer, OOH Media, said, “With this research we will be able to provide our clients more in-depth knowhow of the effectiveness of this medium and also work closely with them to help them choose the right set of information and services and use it to make the best possible decisions. While our clients all share a common focus on consumers, each individual client has its own distinct set of business characteristics and marketing and sales concerns. With OOH Metrics, we will further help each client identify and act upon its unique growth opportunities.”

Though Nielsen conducted independent brand-specific research for clients by way of Campaign Evaluation Studies for OOH Media, there was a need felt for an exhaustive study tool. Raghu Venkatraman, VP - Media Strategy, OOH Media, said, “OOH Metrics is a critical step forward in ensuring the growth of the digital OOH medium. The efficacy of the medium is being continuously tested and proven via the Campaign Evaluation Studies, but getting data on quality as well as quantity of audiences reached by us was a long felt need. With this research, the attraction of digital OOH would only grow.”