OOH Media, Nielsen release OOH Metrics

Bindu Nair Maitra, 10 October, 2008




Out-of-Home Media and The Nielsen Company have announced OOH METRICS, a research on digital out-of- home TV media in India. The research covered Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Pune and Hyderabad with a sample size of 14574 in 175 locations.

It was conducted in three location-verticals of OOH Media: work (commercial properties, BPO/ITES, SME), shop (lifestyle stores, malls, supermarkets) and play (multiplexes, gyms, restaurants, bookstores). It comprised of audience profiling of consumers visiting the location, insights from consumer behaviour of audience in different networks of work, shop and play and insights /understanding audience response towards OOH screen to gauge screen/ad recall. 
The results show that average weekly reach of OOH Network in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and Pune is 54.6 lakhs. 90% of the audience across Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Pune, Chennai and Hyderabad recalled the OOH screen, according to the study. 90% of the audience surveyed recalled any ad being played on the OOH screens and average presence of SEC A audiences in all the six locations is above 60%. Also, on an average an employee moves in and out of the OOH work locations at least four times a day. Therefore, on an average per day opportunity to interact with OOH Media screens is 7 to 8 minutes depending on the vertical space across each city, states the study.
The other learnings from in-store and leisure network include who is the decision maker / influencer in making purchases, purpose/frequency of visiting the location, which sections of locations do they visit and time spent in each and shop locations similar to OOH locations that they visit. The learnings from work network include frequency of visiting the location, percentage age of tenants: visitors, waiting time near the lift and restaurants that they normally visit for their meals/snacks.
Palal Bhattacharjee, associate director, media and entertainment team, The Nielsen Company said, "Digital OOH offers a distinct dynamism that is fresh and evolving. It targets audiences who have the time and more importantly, the inclination to engage with digital advertising content. This kind of initiative on the consumer's part brings with it a competitive advantage for this medium, not easily replicable by traditional media."

Raghu Venkatraman, VP- media strategy, OOH Media "OOH Metrics is a critical step forward in ensuring the growth of the Digital out-of-home Medium. The efficacy of the medium is being continuously tested and proven via the Campaign Evaluation Studies but getting data on quality as well as quantity of audiences reached by us was a long felt need. With this research the attraction of digital out-of- home would only grow."