Study on out-of-home TV released

Mumbai, Oct 09, 2008 (Asia Pulse Data Source via COMTEX) –



Digital media company Out-of-Home Media (OOH) and research firm Neilsen announced the release of 'OOH-METRICS', a 14,574-strong sample study on the OOH television domain in six key markets in the country.

The research, which they claim is a first-of-its-kind, has been conducted across 175 locations in the cities of Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore and Pune from November '07 to August '08.

The locations, divided into three categories -- work (commercial establishments, BPOs and airports), play (multiplexes, bookstores, restaurants and cafes) and shop (malls and hypermarkets) networks -- were studied.

OOH has a network of around 5,500 hi-definition LCD screens across these categories, of which 1,300 are in Mumbai and 1,200 in Delhi.

The cumulative traffic count of OOH in four cities is about 54.6 lakh and about 60 per cent audience is graduate and above, the study said.

More than 60 per cent of audience being exposed to the network is SEC A with its average monthly household income (MHI) being more than Rs 20,000.

"Out-of-home is the kind of media with which you can focus on the SEC A segment that constitutes 10 per cent of the population," Nielsen Managing Director South Asia Partha Rakshit told reporters here.

Outdoor media in India is 12 per cent, of which OOH is not more than 15-18 per cent, OOH Media Managing Director and CEO Ishan Raina said. OOH is positioning itself as a medium that can be used to effectively target the SEC A target group, which they say are 'yield audiences' that bring revenue to the marketeer.

Hyderabad was found to be a city of 'shopaholics' with about 39 per cent frequenting shopping networks at least once a week and a significant 42 per cent of the audience in Hyderabad frequented play network areas, higher than any of the other cities studied.

70 per cent of persons likely to come in contact with the network are in the age group of 20-34 years.

The recall value of the screen was as high as 70 per cent and about 90 per cent of the sample remembered the advertisement being played on the screen, the study said.

60 per cent of individuals in Mumbai and 52 per cent in Bangalore frequented work network areas and 53 per cent Delhiites visited shop network areas, it said.

The opportunity for audiences to be viewing OOH TV screens is about eight minutes in Mumbai and Delhi and six and four minutes in Bangalore and Pune respectively, it said.

Chennai and Hyderabad provide for significantly higher - 10 and 17 minutes of viewing opportunity.

The sample, however, was found to be male skewed with around 70 per cent audience visiting the OOH network being males.
"The OOH TV media in India is a Rs 150-crore industry with eight major players. In the next four years, the industry is expected to grow to become a Rs 13,000-16,000-crore one," Raina said.

The company has about 175 clients of which 12 companies including Airtel, ITC consumer products and INX have an annual contract with OOH. Top five advertisers on the medium include players from telecom, finance, media, consumer durables and automobile retail sectors, Raina said.

The company plans to continue doing research on the medium on an annual basis while maintaining a record of footfalls every six months.