Study On Out-Of-Home TV Released

Last Updated: 09-10-2008 17:02:24 IST



Out-of-Home Media (OOH) and research firm Neilsen has announced the release of its sample survey 'Ooh-metrics' on October 9, 2008. The media company conducted a sample survey on the OOH television domain in six key markets in India. The study has been conducted over 14,574 samples across 175 places in the cities of Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore and Pune.  The 9-month long research started from November, 2007 has been conducted under three categories- work, play and shop. These categories include commercial establishments, BPOs, airports, multiplexes, bookstores, restaurants, cafes, malls and hypermarkets.

The survey report claimed that about 60 per cent of audiences under work category are exposed to OOH network. The income of this chunk of people is more than Rs 20,000. The three categories of work, play and shop together posses around 5,500 hi-definition LCD screens of OOH network. Speaking on the results, Nielsen Managing Director South Asia Mr Partha Rakshit said that OOH will concentrate on the work segment that constitutes 10 per cent of the population.