OOH Media launches ‘Zoom- In’ - a 5 part news series on OOH Metrics 

Nov 25, 2008
Aarti Chhabra, New Delhi



OOH Media (Out-Of-Home Media India Pvt. Ltd.) has initiated ‘Zoom In’- a 5 part news series on the recently launched OOH Metrics. The newslets will highlight five important and useful insights derived from new aspects of OOH Metrics study. The newslets will be focused on a different and relevant insight each week which elaborates on the important out-of-home habits like the number of times people visit a particular location, city-wise demographic profile etc. Zoom-In filters relevant information from the various findings of OOH Metrics and brings them in focus.

OOH Metrics research results show that average weekly reach of OOH network in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and Pune is 54.6 lakhs. It highlights the fact that Delhites visit malls seven times a month on an average. The study further reveals that the average age of mall goers is 25-26 years, with more than 60% of the visiting audience belonging to the SEC A category. A cumulative weekly traffic count close to a million and more than 170 screens make malls a important cluster on the OOH network in Delhi which is a great opportunity for advertisers at a time when TV and hoardings lying low.

The study also revealed that Pune and Mumbai have very similar patterns and people making an average of 6 and 5 visits to malls respectively in each city every month. With over 65% of these from the SEC A category, these cities also offer a huge potential in the cluster with a total 200 plus screens, and a cumulative weekly traffic count of over 1.3 million people.

OOH Metrics- the premier mega research on Digital Out-Of-Home TV Media in India was launched on October 9, 2008 by OOH Media and Nielsen. This is the first largest and only study conducted in the OOH TV domain in India and covered six cities- Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Pune and Hyderabad with a sample size of 14574 in 175 locations. It was conducted in three location verticals of OOH Media: work (commercial properties, BPO/ITES, SNE), shop (lifestyle stores, malls, supermarkets) and play (multiplexes, gyms, restaurants, bookstores). It comprised of audience profiling of consumers visiting the locations, insights/understanding audience response towards OOH screens to gauge screen/ad recall.

OOH Media is India’s largest out-of-home television company. It combines the strengths of audio-visual communication with the visibility of outdoor. OOH Media today has a total of 762 screens and a cumulative weekly traffic count of over 3.6 million in malls like Ansal Plaza, Inorbit, Hypercity, TDI, MMX etc. across 15 cities.