OOH Media re-initiates AIDS 'Awareness Campaign' on its screens across India

Company Brief
New Delhi, December 01, 2008



The AIDS Awareness week is on. Being a socially inclined media, Out-of-Home Media has re-initiated its AIDS 'Awareness Campaign' on its screens across India. The campaign shall be aired beginning December 1, 2008 for 1 week, under OOH CARES (OOH Media’s on-screen property dedicated to Public Service Messages). Being a national campaign, the communication will be aired across our 5000 plus screen across all 12 cities including Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Pune, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Lucknow, Chandigarh, Nashik etc. to reach people wherever they go - in corporate parks, residential complexes, malls, multiplexes, restaurants, bookstores, gyms etc.
The campaign consists of 4 creatives under the ‘Thin Red line’ route and celebrity bytes. This time the creatives have been revamped a bit, and the campaign has been perked up by using celebrity icons to spread the message of ‘prevent AIDS’.

About the AIDS Awareness Campaign:
a) The ‘Thin red line’ promotion
This ‘Thin red line’ creative route has been conceptualized and 4 different ads are created around the theme, in-house.
Message: There is a thin red line between life and death, ie + and – (depicting HIV + and HIV -) the deadly virus which causes AIDS. OOH Cares illustrates this in a “cause and effect “creatives that communicate that ‘prevention is better than cure’.

Concept 1 : Heartline
Communication focus: AIDS is fatal
Story Board: A green lifeline runs along a normal course, signifying a heartbeat, is interjected by a red line implying HIV+. A dead red line follows, depicting death.
Message: “There is a thin red line between + and –. AIDS is fatal. Protect yourself against AIDS”

Concept 2: Use a condom:
Communication focus: Safe sex
Story Board: Boy meets girl, there’s obvious attraction. A thin red line forms the boundary between the girl’s and boy’s bodies implying the need for protection against HIV
Message: “There is a thin red line between safe and unsafe. Always use a condom. Always”

Concept 3: The thin red needle
Communication focus: Importance of using sterilized syringes
Story Board: A world map is slowly filled with red color from a syringe marked HIV+ implying that the world is slowly being infected with the virus spreading through the use of infected syringes
Message: “Every 5.5. Seconds, someone somewhere gets infected with HIV. There is a thin red line between infected and uninfected. Protect yourself against AIDS. Always use a sterilized syringe”

Concept 4: Wedding reds….not blues
Communication focus: Importance of HIV tests before marriage
Story Board: Close-up of the red sindoor filled in the forehead line of the bride. The sindoor is gradually wiped off depicting death due to AIDS
Message: “There is a thin red line between life and death. Couples must get an HIV test done before marriage

b) Celebrity messages on OOH cares for AIDS
Celebrity value is quite high especially for social cause related messages. To render an impetus to the AIDS campaign, OOH Cares has roped in Bollywood biggies to send out a message to the people. We have Bollywood stars, soap-stars and reality show couples who have pitched in to support OOH Media’s awareness drive. An info-nugget of AIDS is also used per celebrity to combine star power and value of information. The idea was to take the message to the common man and hence a mix of Hindi and English speaking celebrities has been used to ensure a broader reach.

A total of 10 audio vignettes have been created, each featuring the following celebrities: Amrita Rao, Tusshar Kapoor, Krishna Abhishek & Kashmira Shah, Sweta Tiwari, Bakhtiyaar & Tanaz Currim, Mahima Chaudhary, Shakti Kapoor, Ali Asgar, Shankar Mahadevan etc.

We hope the message reaches to maximum people and they can take home a valuable message to act upon.