OOH Media unveils research-based rate card 

December 11 , 2008 | 02.00 pm

Indiantelevision.com Team


MUMBAI: Ishan Raina's OOH Media has launched a scientific and research-based rate card, based on the 'Inverse Media Pyramid' which states that higher the target group (TG) on the income pyramid, the more difficult it is to reach him/her.

As part of the new package, the rate card enables clients to buy by four different segments - audience/TG, markets, cluster and locations.

For example, if the advertiser wants to buy by TG, he can choose from the various 'audience packages' (AP) of influencers, women and youth, chief wage earners 'CWE', premium and super-premium. The rate card lends an impetus to hi-end brands to reach to Sec A, A+ audiences by offering advertisers the AP of the premium and super premium.

Talking about the rationale behind the launch of the new rate card for OOH Media VP media strategy Raghu Venkatraman said,"The reason to launch the rate card was to use the learnings of the on-ground research, convert them into applicable media tools and offer the client value for money media plans based on hardcore research and logic."

The client can buy 'markets' wherein the entire gamut of locations where OOH Media has presence, can be bought for the target market city.

"This rate card consists of all detailed information that will help them make a consolidated media plan. Also, clients are buying the medium in various ways. The idea was to offer them multiple ways to buy OOH Media, whichever is most convenient for them. Flexi cast is not just about broadcasting, but also a way of buying the medium, that is, Flexi buying,” Venkatraman adds.

The rate card also gives the client the choice to buy by 'clusters'. For instance, a health drink brand can choose to pick up only gyms as a cluster, while a newly launched soap can be advertised across only all the malls in India.

"The rate card is more scientific and is a consolidated tool offering OOH Media in a packaged and logical way.' The Client can even buy using cross-packages that is buying only the corporate cluster in the Delhi Market. The caveat here is economies of scale -more the volume, cheaper the media," says OOH Media chief sales officer Niloufer Dundh.

OOH Media currently has approximately 5000 screens across 22 cities including all metros, mini-metros and tier-II towns including Chandigarh, Amritsar, Ludhiana, Panjim and Nashik.

It is present in locations like malls, multiplexes, corporate parks, BPOs, gyms, bookstores, lifestyle stores and restaurants.